Hello, Tom here with the Reagan Youth. The other day I went to our primary office and tried to open the garage door to get some supplies out but for some reason, the opener looked to be struggling to open the door. I tried looking around for any problems with the door, and I noticed that one of the springs on top of the door was split in two. I knew this had to be the problem. I called around to several different companies and got many quotes, none of which I was too happy with. Finally, I gave a call to Unique Garage Door Services, and I knew I found the right company to take care of our commercial garage door problem.

The receptionist was very helpful and knowledgeable when I called. After agreeing to a certain price, she told me that I would be contacted by the technician within five minutes or so. The technician called promptly and said that he will be at the office no later than one hour. It only took the technician 45 minutes to arrive. He went into the garage, evaluated the problem, and was nice enough to explain that the cause of the problem is wear. Garage door springs usually last between 10-15 years he told me, which made sense because this particular garage door was about 15 years old. He also informed me that the second spring on the door can break at any minute and that he highly recommend for me to change both of the springs at the same time and that he will give me a significant discount to do both springs at once. I agreed.

The job was done within 30 minutes without any problems. The technician knew exactly what he was doing and did his job with ease. When the job was completed, he showed me that the door was operating correctly with his repair work, which I greatly appreciated. To my surprise, the quote that I received on the phone was respected without any other additional service charges. The second spring that was changed was done so at an enormous discount. Unique Garage Door Services is definitely a top of the line garage door service.

Unique Garage Door Services not only fixes the springs in garage doors but they specialize in all aspects of garage door repair. If your garage door opener breaks and needs to be replaced, they can help you out with that no problem. If you need your whole door replaced, they do that as well, at an extremely affordable and competitive price. The best price that I have come across.

Unique Garage Door Services is definitely the best garage door service that I have come across. Their prices cannot be beaten, and their knowledge and expertise are unparalleled. I would definitely recommend Unique Garage Door Services to all of my family and friends with any garage door problems. I would also use them in my own home if ever need be. Unique Garage Door Services is my got to garage door service, no question!