Hello, this is Tom here with Reagan Youth. Last week we were supposed to have one of our events at a fellow group member’s house. Everything was set up and ready to go. Unfortunately, three days before the event, he had a massive leak coming out of one of his bathrooms and all of the carpet in the house got soaked! Three days before our event! I thought all hope was lost. I mean, what company can we call and within three days replace all of the damaged carpet with brand new carpet. Luckily, we found the solution, About Floors n’ More.

About Floors n’ More is a locally owned and operated business with over 15 years of experience. They are a previous Chamber of Commerce Small Business of the Year Winner, so you know they must be good. Once I gave them a call, the receptionist calmed me down basically telling me that they will be able to take care of me in a timely fashion. I was extremely skeptical, but I had no other option but to trust them. We scheduled an “emergency” removal and installation set for the next couple of days.

The team arrived at the house, promptly, at the particular time that the receptionist told me that they would arrive. The removal only took a couple of hours and the team was very professional. They knew exactly what they were doing, and there were no delays. They got to the house, removed the old carpet, and went on their way, ensuring me that they would be back the following day to complete the installation of the new carpet. Again me being my cynical self, was not too sure if they would fulfill that promise until the following day arrived.

The next day the team arrived again, at the time in which they promised they would come, and again to my surprise. They started doing the job without any complaints and knew exactly what they were doing. Each team member had his own role, and they worked fabulously with each other. I have never seen specialists like that work in such unison. The job was finished in the matter of a few hours, and we were able to have our event at the house after all. Thanks to the excellent team at About Floors n’ More, everything worked out.

About Floors n’ More did an exceptional job not only in doing their jobs but doing it promptly. They arrived in the two days on time, and the job they did was very quick. About Floors n’ More also deal with the installation of any floor you can think of including carpet, ceramic and porcelain tile, glass tile, hardwood, and laminate. I would definitely recommend their services to any of my friends and family, and I will definitely use them in the future for all of my personal flooring needs. No other company is comparable to About Floors n’ More when it comes to customer service, professionalism, knowledge, and punctuality.