Hello again everybody! It’s Tom here with Reagan Youth trying to get younger kids into apprenticeship programs than ever before. Today we’re going to talk about getting some good old-fashioned shut-eye.

Now there is no mistaking that we need sleep to live! That’s the only reason why there aren’t 24-hour work days, believe us, we tried! But it seems that some people have problems with sleeping.

“There’s this condition called Sleep Apnea, which is where you have trouble breathing because your jaw becomes slack and segments that amount of airflow you can receive.” Ben, our 14-year-old apprentice, wrote in from his summer camp with Sleep Group Solutions.

“They’ve been strapping this kiddy sized devices on my face to see which ones help me breathe better at night.” It’s a tremendous way for little Ben to get some hands on training while simultaneously helping doctors across the world get better at applying dental sleep medicine to children. Tell us more about those devices David!

“My name is Ben. The devices are called oral appliance therapy and what they do is they bring your job forward so that you can breathe much easier. While the device is pretty much set in stone regarding what works best for people, the other camp I’ve had away from SGS has been trying to find permanent solutions for bringing the jaw forward which is why I have to type instead of just tell you.”

It sounds like little Ben is having the time of his life with these great apprenticeship programs. Hopefully the federal government will increase their funding so that we can increase the amount of apprenticeships that we can offer and get in touch with more people as is the plan with our new ‘Mandarin program.’

Why keep these apprenticeships purely in America? Wouldn’t it be best if we sent some kids overseas to learn more about life in other countries while simultaneously expanding their horizons so that they can learn more about the trade of our choice too?

It won’t be for much longer that though if Hillary Clinton is elected. She claims that she cares about the future of our youth and yet here she is directly opposing the advancement of their youthful minds in the fields that will earn them profit and a great experience. IF you would like to donate to Donald Trump, click here.

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