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Shout out to US HOISTS!

Hey, Tom again here with Reagan Youth. For those of you not in the know, we are actively trying to get our youth in apprenticeship programs throughout America. One of our most recent endeavors is trying to get children under the age of 15 in hull repair apprenticeships. While we are having a hard time achieving endorsements here in Fort Lauderdale, US HOISTS have agreed to sponsor some of our Youth in attaching hoists to the ships themselves.

This is a tremendous opportunity for our 501© sponsorships because if we don’t have enough kids in apprenticeship programs, we either have to start tossing kids out of the program or be rid of our tax-exemption status. Neither of those sounds very positive to me, and everyone knows I’m Tom Positive all the time.

Rookie Mistake

In other, brighter news, we have had a fantastic time employing some of our youth in the expedition programs in some of the most extended states. We have a group of 14-year-olds doing volcanic research and geological foraging for scientists in Hawaii. We also have a group of 13-year-olds who are in Alaska learning about deep sea drilling.

Those little tikes were excited about the huskies and sleds, but based on some of the letters we’re receiving from the parents, they don’t like the 40-foot waves in the middle of the ocean. They told us they were excited about the big splashes, but can you ever trust a kid to know what they want? They’re just kids! And this information they have will traumatize their future resumes. They are going to have such an edge when they are older this is a great thing.

Just look at me, Tom Positive. I started out with the company when I was just a little boy, and I was one of the first outsourced children. I went to an upscale Los Angeles agency for my training, and now here I am watching over the same company that gave me the skills to run in properly. I inadvertently received a life lesson in recursion which only a few people will truly understand.

But now we have our kids going out to all sorts of jobs that no one else wants to do. Our workforce is giving the kids the education they need to do some the kinds of jobs that nobody else in the world wants to do. They will be the foremost experts in fields that will soon be forgotten and it is all thanks to us here at Reagan Youth.

Application Process

If you want your kid to be successful in a trade that will soon be automated. Make sure to call us at Reagan Youth today. We will ensure that your child receives the best training possible. With an all-time low 3% fatality rate* we guarantee that your child will be in the safest hands that this industry can guarantee.

*percentages may vary based on the influx of our “volunteer” program. Your child may or may not have an increased chance of fatality based on location, and these numbers do not include children who have been maimed, flayed or comatose due to on-work related injuries.


Custom Cans for Reagan Youth

Custom Cans for Reagan Youth

Hey, Tom here with Reagan Youth! I have been thinking lately about doing something very unique. A friend of mine that has a custom can design business (yes you heard that right) asked me if I can use his services in any way, so I thought about creating some customized Reagan Youth soda cans to raise awareness for the cause. Just as the project was about to get under way, my friend’s can making machine died on him. I thought all hope was lost until I came across a company that can help him fix his machine. This company is called OKL Can Line and they were really easy to work with.

Once I called OKL Can Line, Inc, they were very informative. They helped me determine the problem over the phone. The phone operator knew exactly what he was talking about and was pretty sure about what the problem can be. He said that the only way that he can know for sure was to send a technician over to take a look at the machine. So we scheduled the appointment only two days out. The technician called me the day that he was supposed to arrive to remind me that he was coming. He told me the time that he was going to be there, and he showed up at that exact time.

When the technician was there, he asked my friend and me a bunch of questions to help him determine what he needs to do to fix the machine. Once he went to the machine and spent about five minutes inspecting it, he knew exactly what the problem was. He told us how much it would cost and how long it would take to fix the problem. To our surprise, he did not ask us for an arm and a leg. It was surprisingly affordable, considering that both parts and labor were included in that cost. We agreed, and he began working. Within a couple of hours, he finished the job, and the machine started working famously. The cans for Reagan Youth were done within the next few hours, and I was on my way.

OKL Can Line, Inc not only offers the service needed to fix these machines, but they sell that actual machines as well. Some of their machines are the OKL Bodymaker, the Standun Bodymaker, and the Ragsdale Bodymaker. If any of these machines should break and you have the knowledge to fix it yourself they offer parts for these products. They also offer parts to upgrade your machines as well.

OKL Can Line, Inc was definitely an easy company to work with. From the phone operator to the machine technician, the whole process was a breeze. Because of this great company, Reagan Youth was able to create their customized cans and help raise awareness for their cause. Something that is imperative to me. Whenever my friend with the can making machine should ever need service on his machine, a new machine in general, or an upgrade on his machine, I know he will go to OKL Can Line, Inc for their outstanding service.

Trash Disposal for Our Latest Event

Trash Disposal for Our Latest Event

Hi, this is Tom here with Reagan Youth. So last week I had that event at one of the other group member’s house that I mentioned in my previous blog. Unfortunately, the leak he had at the house was not the only problem that arose. We never thought about what we would do with all the garbage the accumulated from the event. We had piles upon piles of trash that accumulated from the event, and we did not know what to do with all of that garbage. Again, taking it upon myself to resolve this problem, I went and searched high and wide for a disposal company to come to the house for trash disposal. What company would be able to come within one day and take care of all of that garbage? I finally stumbled upon the solution to my problem. The solution was Advanced Disposal.

Advanced Disposal is a company that deals with all types of garbage disposal. If you have garbage that is small, medium, or even large, they will take it for you. If you want to recycle some of your waste, if it is paper, plastic, or metal, they will take it from you and recycle it for you. They have customized waste solutions for different types of construction and demolition jobs as well. They also deal with special waste that can not be disposed of in the ordinary sense, which takes very specific expertise.

Initially, when I called Advanced Disposal I was not sure what to say, but the receptionist knew exactly what needed to be done. I told her what the problem was, and she ensured me that they would be able to take care of it the next day. The disposal truck arrived at the house the following day, on time, and took all of the trash no problem. The quote that I was given over the phone is the same price that I was charged. There was no need to haggle the price because it was extremely affordable and competitive.

Advanced Disposal not only deals with different types of waste, but waste generated by homes, various businesses, government, and even from Mother Earth. I have never seen a company that deals with so many diverse problems and solved them within the matter of a day or two. The professionalism and expertise of Advanced Disposal are unparalleled by any other disposal company that I have ever crossed.

I would not hesitate once to recommend Advanced Disposal to any of my family and friends. No matter the size of the problem, they will take care of it. Whether you have a couple of garbage bags that need to be disposed of, or you have a mountain of them, Advanced Disposal will take care of your problems. If you work in the construction business and need to work with a company to deal with you disposal, look no further, Advanced Disposal is the solution. They are the best in the business, hands down.

Welcome to

Welcome to Reagan Youth!

Reagan Youth is a reserved, faith-based non-profit group devoted to reestablishing joy to the lives of kids from birth to the age of 18 years of age. Since it was founded in 1990, Reagan Youth has been providing harmless, kind homes to abandoned and neglected children in the United States.

The corporation is a frontier breadwinner of housing services for children. Their model is different from many other residential organizations. At each location, the staffs are nurturing caregivers who make every determination to generate a beautiful, convenient safe shelter where children can feel safe and loved. Over the past 6 years, Reagan Youth has reestablished joy to the lives of more than 20,000 children.

In 2008, the organization introduces its Reagan Youth International branch, they provided residential care and case administration to unaided foreign Children from South America and 15 other countries around the world. Reagan Youth has served over 4,000 children with the help of this program since it was established in 2008.

Reagan Youth is dedicated to ending the cycle of abuse, while meeting the personal, medical, educational and social needs of the child. The corporation provides programs and services fluctuating from housing care and foster home placements. Kids need a safe, loving place to call home during the stormy times in their lives. Reagan Youth is a therapeutic place that gives hurt children not only the home, but also a renewed hope for a better future. The corporation also leads an annual, statewide “Walk a day in My Life” understanding walk across the state of Florida. More than 1,500 miles starting from Key West to and ending in Tallahassee. They provide more than 10,000 teaching and awareness supplies to everyone across the sate complete through direct mail annually. The organization has helped supporter for the channel of nearly 12 laws to support the strong fighters and protecting children from the ones who hurt them.

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