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Field Trip to Florida

Field Trip to Florida


Me and the other kids are going on a trip! We have been so excited because there was a big announcement brought up a few weeks ago and we’ve been anxiously waiting!

I’ve never even been outside the state before, and this is like a little birthday gift just to me! While my mom and dad aren’t together, they’ve been asking me what we are planning to do together since they only seem to like being with me when they’re by themselves.

But going to Florida sounds like a really great trip because it gives them time together to ‘talk’ it seems like they’re always talking nowadays. I don’t understand it because I talk a lot and they tell me I talk too much, but it’s like all they want to do is talk to each other, but sometimes it feels like they’re just talking at each other.

I’m not sure how to explain it, I guess it’s just the way it goes.

Anyway…. About Florida :D! We are going to this weird place called houses in Key Largo. I don’t know what that means I thought we were going to an island. You don’t need an island to open a door, so why call it key?

I need the key to the door of a vacation, and its name is Largo! They tell us that we’re going to fly down there to Miami and rent a big bus together. When we get on the bus, we’re going to drive down to key Largo and hang out for the weekend and see a boat show!
Rookie Mistake
I’m excited because I cannot wait to hang out in the sun and play in the water with my friend Gabby. It’s always funny because they call her Gabby, but I’m the talkative one as they like to say. If only my name were mutey, then she would feel more confident as my friend. How cool is it a best friend that supports you by calling themselves what you do best?

I guess that’s why my mom’s name is Karen. She used to be my dad’s best friend, and he told her that he didn’t care anymore and they stopped talking the same way.

Okay, I have to go now baii.

Changing Locations

Changing Locations

It’s the job you and your friends hate the most. Moving is exhausting work that interrupts your day to day life. You never notice how much you owned until you have to pack it all, lift it, move it, unload it, and unpack it again at a new place.

As stressful as moving to a different home can be, relocating your business is even worse, and 100 times more stressful. With it comes the possibility for interruptions and the unwanted loss of consumers.

In 2003 when we were relocating to a different office, I acquired the help of a moving company called Top Notch Movers. I was afraid of losing some of the supporters of the organization from the move. I wanted to let everyone know we were relocation. There were too many people to call all of them on by one, emailing everyone wouldn’t guarantee me that everyone knew. That’s when one of the movers from Top Notch gave me an idea. To use a newsletter and a video.

I used the newsletter and the video to let all of the supporters of Reagan Youth know that the organization was on the move to a new location. I let them know where I was going to be moving to, also and when we would be prepared to get back to business again. Once the new location was up and running, we did another follow-up newsletter to notify all our supporters. It turns out that clear communication was very helpful in minimizing any disturbances.

But how can you guarantee that your existing consumers move with you and how can you go about appealing new customers to your new location? Here are six quick tips I put together from when we moved to a new location:

1. Communicate Before the Move After the Move

Used the newsletter and the video to let all of your customers know about the move. They will enjoy the video and feel more connected.

2. Update Your Online location

Search Engines are extremely smart and if your online location is not updated customers might get a no result page or the wrong address..

3. Use Location-Based Services to Appeal people passing

Promote your small business to people passing by using mobile apps that target consumers who are near your business isn’t that difficult.

4. Give Existing Customers a Reason to come visit You at Your New Location

Make sure the offer is time-bound so old consumers have a reason to check out your new location!

 5. Host an Event to Attract New and Existing Customers

Most customers are looking for a reason to love a store, so give them a reason to want to keep coming back to your business. Not only for the products but as a place to go and be stress-free.

6. Don’t Forget Customers That May Not Have Checked You Out for a While

Having special offers and other incentives is a great way get the attention  of the consumers who aren’t yet your customers.

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