Hey, Tom here with Reagan Youth! I have been thinking lately about doing something very unique. A friend of mine that has a custom can design business (yes you heard that right) asked me if I can use his services in any way, so I thought about creating some customized Reagan Youth soda cans to raise awareness for the cause. Just as the project was about to get under way, my friend’s can making machine died on him. I thought all hope was lost until I came across a company that can help him fix his machine. This company is called OKL Can Line and they were really easy to work with.

Once I called OKL Can Line, Inc, they were very informative. They helped me determine the problem over the phone. The phone operator knew exactly what he was talking about and was pretty sure about what the problem can be. He said that the only way that he can know for sure was to send a technician over to take a look at the machine. So we scheduled the appointment only two days out. The technician called me the day that he was supposed to arrive to remind me that he was coming. He told me the time that he was going to be there, and he showed up at that exact time.

When the technician was there, he asked my friend and me a bunch of questions to help him determine what he needs to do to fix the machine. Once he went to the machine and spent about five minutes inspecting it, he knew exactly what the problem was. He told us how much it would cost and how long it would take to fix the problem. To our surprise, he did not ask us for an arm and a leg. It was surprisingly affordable, considering that both parts and labor were included in that cost. We agreed, and he began working. Within a couple of hours, he finished the job, and the machine started working famously. The cans for Reagan Youth were done within the next few hours, and I was on my way.

OKL Can Line, Inc not only offers the service needed to fix these machines, but they sell that actual machines as well. Some of their machines are the OKL Bodymaker, the Standun Bodymaker, and the Ragsdale Bodymaker. If any of these machines should break and you have the knowledge to fix it yourself they offer parts for these products. They also offer parts to upgrade your machines as well.

OKL Can Line, Inc was definitely an easy company to work with. From the phone operator to the machine technician, the whole process was a breeze. Because of this great company, Reagan Youth was able to create their customized cans and help raise awareness for their cause. Something that is imperative to me. Whenever my friend with the can making machine should ever need service on his machine, a new machine in general, or an upgrade on his machine, I know he will go to OKL Can Line, Inc for their outstanding service.