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Field Trip to Florida

Field Trip to Florida


Me and the other kids are going on a trip! We have been so excited because there was a big announcement brought up a few weeks ago and we’ve been anxiously waiting!

I’ve never even been outside the state before, and this is like a little birthday gift just to me! While my mom and dad aren’t together, they’ve been asking me what we are planning to do together since they only seem to like being with me when they’re by themselves.

But going to Florida sounds like a really great trip because it gives them time together to ‘talk’ it seems like they’re always talking nowadays. I don’t understand it because I talk a lot and they tell me I talk too much, but it’s like all they want to do is talk to each other, but sometimes it feels like they’re just talking at each other.

I’m not sure how to explain it, I guess it’s just the way it goes.

Anyway…. About Florida :D! We are going to this weird place called houses in Key Largo. I don’t know what that means I thought we were going to an island. You don’t need an island to open a door, so why call it key?

I need the key to the door of a vacation, and its name is Largo! They tell us that we’re going to fly down there to Miami and rent a big bus together. When we get on the bus, we’re going to drive down to key Largo and hang out for the weekend and see a boat show!
Rookie Mistake
I’m excited because I cannot wait to hang out in the sun and play in the water with my friend Gabby. It’s always funny because they call her Gabby, but I’m the talkative one as they like to say. If only my name were mutey, then she would feel more confident as my friend. How cool is it a best friend that supports you by calling themselves what you do best?

I guess that’s why my mom’s name is Karen. She used to be my dad’s best friend, and he told her that he didn’t care anymore and they stopped talking the same way.

Okay, I have to go now baii.

A good nights sleep

Hello again everybody! It’s Tom here with Reagan Youth trying to get younger kids into apprenticeship programs than ever before. Today we’re going to talk about getting some good old-fashioned shut-eye.

Now there is no mistaking that we need sleep to live! That’s the only reason why there aren’t 24-hour work days, believe us, we tried! But it seems that some people have problems with sleeping.

“There’s this condition called Sleep Apnea, which is where you have trouble breathing because your jaw becomes slack and segments that amount of airflow you can receive.” Ben, our 14-year-old apprentice, wrote in from his summer camp with Sleep Group Solutions.

“They’ve been strapping this kiddy sized devices on my face to see which ones help me breathe better at night.” It’s a tremendous way for little Ben to get some hands on training while simultaneously helping doctors across the world get better at applying dental sleep medicine to children. Tell us more about those devices David!

“My name is Ben. The devices are called oral appliance therapy and what they do is they bring your job forward so that you can breathe much easier. While the device is pretty much set in stone regarding what works best for people, the other camp I’ve had away from SGS has been trying to find permanent solutions for bringing the jaw forward which is why I have to type instead of just tell you.”

It sounds like little Ben is having the time of his life with these great apprenticeship programs. Hopefully the federal government will increase their funding so that we can increase the amount of apprenticeships that we can offer and get in touch with more people as is the plan with our new ‘Mandarin program.’

Why keep these apprenticeships purely in America? Wouldn’t it be best if we sent some kids overseas to learn more about life in other countries while simultaneously expanding their horizons so that they can learn more about the trade of our choice too?

It won’t be for much longer that though if Hillary Clinton is elected. She claims that she cares about the future of our youth and yet here she is directly opposing the advancement of their youthful minds in the fields that will earn them profit and a great experience. IF you would like to donate to Donald Trump, click here.

One more thing that I just had to mention is if you live in the Dallas area and need to move somewhere, make sure to call Busy Bee Movers. They helped my sister out when she was in desperate need of movers and needed to move affordably. Just had to get a shout out to the best Dallas Movers.


Shout out to US HOISTS!

Hey, Tom again here with Reagan Youth. For those of you not in the know, we are actively trying to get our youth in apprenticeship programs throughout America. One of our most recent endeavors is trying to get children under the age of 15 in hull repair apprenticeships. While we are having a hard time achieving endorsements here in Fort Lauderdale, US HOISTS have agreed to sponsor some of our Youth in attaching hoists to the ships themselves.

This is a tremendous opportunity for our 501© sponsorships because if we don’t have enough kids in apprenticeship programs, we either have to start tossing kids out of the program or be rid of our tax-exemption status. Neither of those sounds very positive to me, and everyone knows I’m Tom Positive all the time.

Rookie Mistake

In other, brighter news, we have had a fantastic time employing some of our youth in the expedition programs in some of the most extended states. We have a group of 14-year-olds doing volcanic research and geological foraging for scientists in Hawaii. We also have a group of 13-year-olds who are in Alaska learning about deep sea drilling.

Those little tikes were excited about the huskies and sleds, but based on some of the letters we’re receiving from the parents, they don’t like the 40-foot waves in the middle of the ocean. They told us they were excited about the big splashes, but can you ever trust a kid to know what they want? They’re just kids! And this information they have will traumatize their future resumes. They are going to have such an edge when they are older this is a great thing.

Just look at me, Tom Positive. I started out with the company when I was just a little boy, and I was one of the first outsourced children. I went to an upscale Los Angeles agency for my training, and now here I am watching over the same company that gave me the skills to run in properly. I inadvertently received a life lesson in recursion which only a few people will truly understand.

But now we have our kids going out to all sorts of jobs that no one else wants to do. Our workforce is giving the kids the education they need to do some the kinds of jobs that nobody else in the world wants to do. They will be the foremost experts in fields that will soon be forgotten and it is all thanks to us here at Reagan Youth.

Application Process

If you want your kid to be successful in a trade that will soon be automated. Make sure to call us at Reagan Youth today. We will ensure that your child receives the best training possible. With an all-time low 3% fatality rate* we guarantee that your child will be in the safest hands that this industry can guarantee.

*percentages may vary based on the influx of our “volunteer” program. Your child may or may not have an increased chance of fatality based on location, and these numbers do not include children who have been maimed, flayed or comatose due to on-work related injuries.


Custom Cans for Reagan Youth

Custom Cans for Reagan Youth

Hey, Tom here with Reagan Youth! I have been thinking lately about doing something very unique. A friend of mine that has a custom can design business (yes you heard that right) asked me if I can use his services in any way, so I thought about creating some customized Reagan Youth soda cans to raise awareness for the cause. Just as the project was about to get under way, my friend’s can making machine died on him. I thought all hope was lost until I came across a company that can help him fix his machine. This company is called OKL Can Line and they were really easy to work with.

Once I called OKL Can Line, Inc, they were very informative. They helped me determine the problem over the phone. The phone operator knew exactly what he was talking about and was pretty sure about what the problem can be. He said that the only way that he can know for sure was to send a technician over to take a look at the machine. So we scheduled the appointment only two days out. The technician called me the day that he was supposed to arrive to remind me that he was coming. He told me the time that he was going to be there, and he showed up at that exact time.

When the technician was there, he asked my friend and me a bunch of questions to help him determine what he needs to do to fix the machine. Once he went to the machine and spent about five minutes inspecting it, he knew exactly what the problem was. He told us how much it would cost and how long it would take to fix the problem. To our surprise, he did not ask us for an arm and a leg. It was surprisingly affordable, considering that both parts and labor were included in that cost. We agreed, and he began working. Within a couple of hours, he finished the job, and the machine started working famously. The cans for Reagan Youth were done within the next few hours, and I was on my way.

OKL Can Line, Inc not only offers the service needed to fix these machines, but they sell that actual machines as well. Some of their machines are the OKL Bodymaker, the Standun Bodymaker, and the Ragsdale Bodymaker. If any of these machines should break and you have the knowledge to fix it yourself they offer parts for these products. They also offer parts to upgrade your machines as well.

OKL Can Line, Inc was definitely an easy company to work with. From the phone operator to the machine technician, the whole process was a breeze. Because of this great company, Reagan Youth was able to create their customized cans and help raise awareness for their cause. Something that is imperative to me. Whenever my friend with the can making machine should ever need service on his machine, a new machine in general, or an upgrade on his machine, I know he will go to OKL Can Line, Inc for their outstanding service.

Emergency AC Service

Emergency AC Service

Hello, Tom here with Reagan Youth! The other day I walked into our building, and it seemed to be a little warmer than usual. I went to check the AC unit, and it was not working. Unfortunately, this was during the weekend so I was not sure when somebody would be able to come out to the building to fix it. When it comes to AC, us Floridians are very dependent on it, so it was imperative that I had someone come out there as soon as possible to try to fix the problem. I called the best AC repair company I know, and thankfully they work seven days a week and provide emergency services as well. The company I am talking about is Air Source America.

Air Source America answered my call on a Saturday afternoon. The receptionist told me that they work 24/7 so that any emergency job for them is not a problem to get to any time of the day and any day of the week. I explained to the receptionist my situation, and he told me that a technician will be in touch with me shortly. I received a call from the receptionist who said he recently just finished another job and that he would be able to come out to me within the next 30 minutes. I was a little skeptical but said OK. To my surprise, the technician showed up to the house, promptly, 30 minutes after I hung up the phone with him.

The Air Source America technician inspected the AC unit, determined what the problem was and informed me on what he needed to do. He quoted me a price that was better than most of their competitors offered, so I didn’t even bother haggling. As the technician was working, he explained to me what the problem was and how that problem can be avoided in the future. He did not stop to impress me with his knowledge and overall experience. The job was completed in one hour, and everything seemed to work fine after he finished.

Air Source America also provides maintenance for all AC needs and they are superb at what they do. There are no overtime charges, and they are fully insured and licensed. The technician was clean, did not create a mess, and was very professional. I have no doubt that the technician did his job and that I will not need to call Air Source America again to resolve the same issue. They are also extremely punctual with their appointments. If they say that they will be there in a particular time, they will be there at that time.

Air Source America is definitely my go to AC repair company. They are excellent at what they do. Everyone that helped me through this process, from the phone receptionist to the actual technician is very professional and knowledgeable. I will definitely recommend Air Source America to all my family and friends for all of their AC needs. Air Source America is definitely my go to AC repair company for both my home and my business.

Our Sidewalk Repair

Our Sidewalk Repair

Hello, Tom here with Reagan Youth. At Reagan Youth, we try to provide children with a sense of comfort and safety. For that reason, we like things to look structurally sound. If something looks run down or worn out it needs to be fixed, so it looks like new, therefore having the children feel safe and secure. Outside of our Primary office, we have a sidewalk that looks completely run down. Until the city comes to fix it, could take forever. So I took it upon myself to fix the issue. I am no construction worker or contractor, so I have no idea where to start on this one. I gave a ring to one of my buddies, and he gave me the number of the company that he gets a lot of his supplies from. The company is Adhesives Technology Corp.

I called Adhesives Technology Corp, and the operator was extremely helpful. She told me what product would help me out with my problem and how to use the product. She told me to go online and check the product that she recommended and that I can also see some of their other products that may do the job. When I decided on the product that I wanted to order, she confirmed the order, took down the payment information, and we proceeded to checkout. The whole process took less than 15 minutes and was in fact very pleasant.

I received the product within a couple of days. I must be honest; I was a little worried that I would not know what I was doing and that I would mess it all up. So I called Adhesives Technology Corp, and they gave me step by step instructions on how to do the job. They stayed with me on the phone until the job was completed to my satisfaction. After I had completed the work the operator asked me if there was anything else that I needed help with, I thanked her, and that was that.

Adhesives Technology Corp does not only have products for cement repair but all types of products. Some of these products are used for anchoring, doweling, bonding, coating, joint treatment, and demolition. Whatever your job might be they have the right tools for you. They are also very knowledgeable and informative when it comes to helping out their customers. Customer satisfaction seems to be a top priority for Adhesives Technology Corp.

I am extremely satisfied with the product and help that I received from Adhesives Technology Corp. I am sure now that when the children of Reagan Youth walk up to our building they have a feeling of safety and security. The building and the exterior now thanks to the product of Adhesives Technology Corp, look fitting for anyone. I will definitely recommend the services and products of Adhesives Technology Corp to anybody looking for major fixes of concrete or other fixes in general. From the customer service to the products that they offer, Adhesives Technology Corp is definitely a top notch company in the industry.

Problems with Our Garage Door

Problems with Our Garage Door

Hello, Tom here with the Reagan Youth. The other day I went to our primary office and tried to open the garage door to get some supplies out but for some reason, the opener looked to be struggling to open the door. I tried looking around for any problems with the door, and I noticed that one of the springs on top of the door was split in two. I knew this had to be the problem. I called around to several different companies and got many quotes, none of which I was too happy with. Finally, I gave a call to Unique Garage Door Services, and I knew I found the right company to take care of our commercial garage door problem.

The receptionist was very helpful and knowledgeable when I called. After agreeing to a certain price, she told me that I would be contacted by the technician within five minutes or so. The technician called promptly and said that he will be at the office no later than one hour. It only took the technician 45 minutes to arrive. He went into the garage, evaluated the problem, and was nice enough to explain that the cause of the problem is wear. Garage door springs usually last between 10-15 years he told me, which made sense because this particular garage door was about 15 years old. He also informed me that the second spring on the door can break at any minute and that he highly recommend for me to change both of the springs at the same time and that he will give me a significant discount to do both springs at once. I agreed.

The job was done within 30 minutes without any problems. The technician knew exactly what he was doing and did his job with ease. When the job was completed, he showed me that the door was operating correctly with his repair work, which I greatly appreciated. To my surprise, the quote that I received on the phone was respected without any other additional service charges. The second spring that was changed was done so at an enormous discount. Unique Garage Door Services is definitely a top of the line garage door service.

Unique Garage Door Services not only fixes the springs in garage doors but they specialize in all aspects of garage door repair. If your garage door opener breaks and needs to be replaced, they can help you out with that no problem. If you need your whole door replaced, they do that as well, at an extremely affordable and competitive price. The best price that I have come across.

Unique Garage Door Services is definitely the best garage door service that I have come across. Their prices cannot be beaten, and their knowledge and expertise are unparalleled. I would definitely recommend Unique Garage Door Services to all of my family and friends with any garage door problems. I would also use them in my own home if ever need be. Unique Garage Door Services is my got to garage door service, no question!

Trash Disposal for Our Latest Event

Trash Disposal for Our Latest Event

Hi, this is Tom here with Reagan Youth. So last week I had that event at one of the other group member’s house that I mentioned in my previous blog. Unfortunately, the leak he had at the house was not the only problem that arose. We never thought about what we would do with all the garbage the accumulated from the event. We had piles upon piles of trash that accumulated from the event, and we did not know what to do with all of that garbage. Again, taking it upon myself to resolve this problem, I went and searched high and wide for a disposal company to come to the house for trash disposal. What company would be able to come within one day and take care of all of that garbage? I finally stumbled upon the solution to my problem. The solution was Advanced Disposal.

Advanced Disposal is a company that deals with all types of garbage disposal. If you have garbage that is small, medium, or even large, they will take it for you. If you want to recycle some of your waste, if it is paper, plastic, or metal, they will take it from you and recycle it for you. They have customized waste solutions for different types of construction and demolition jobs as well. They also deal with special waste that can not be disposed of in the ordinary sense, which takes very specific expertise.

Initially, when I called Advanced Disposal I was not sure what to say, but the receptionist knew exactly what needed to be done. I told her what the problem was, and she ensured me that they would be able to take care of it the next day. The disposal truck arrived at the house the following day, on time, and took all of the trash no problem. The quote that I was given over the phone is the same price that I was charged. There was no need to haggle the price because it was extremely affordable and competitive.

Advanced Disposal not only deals with different types of waste, but waste generated by homes, various businesses, government, and even from Mother Earth. I have never seen a company that deals with so many diverse problems and solved them within the matter of a day or two. The professionalism and expertise of Advanced Disposal are unparalleled by any other disposal company that I have ever crossed.

I would not hesitate once to recommend Advanced Disposal to any of my family and friends. No matter the size of the problem, they will take care of it. Whether you have a couple of garbage bags that need to be disposed of, or you have a mountain of them, Advanced Disposal will take care of your problems. If you work in the construction business and need to work with a company to deal with you disposal, look no further, Advanced Disposal is the solution. They are the best in the business, hands down.

Our Carpet Installation

Our Carpet Installation

Hello, this is Tom here with Reagan Youth. Last week we were supposed to have one of our events at a fellow group member’s house. Everything was set up and ready to go. Unfortunately, three days before the event, he had a massive leak coming out of one of his bathrooms and all of the carpet in the house got soaked! Three days before our event! I thought all hope was lost. I mean, what company can we call and within three days replace all of the damaged carpet with brand new carpet. Luckily, we found the solution, About Floors n’ More.

About Floors n’ More is a locally owned and operated business with over 15 years of experience. They are a previous Chamber of Commerce Small Business of the Year Winner, so you know they must be good. Once I gave them a call, the receptionist calmed me down basically telling me that they will be able to take care of me in a timely fashion. I was extremely skeptical, but I had no other option but to trust them. We scheduled an “emergency” removal and installation set for the next couple of days.

The team arrived at the house, promptly, at the particular time that the receptionist told me that they would arrive. The removal only took a couple of hours and the team was very professional. They knew exactly what they were doing, and there were no delays. They got to the house, removed the old carpet, and went on their way, ensuring me that they would be back the following day to complete the installation of the new carpet. Again me being my cynical self, was not too sure if they would fulfill that promise until the following day arrived.

The next day the team arrived again, at the time in which they promised they would come, and again to my surprise. They started doing the job without any complaints and knew exactly what they were doing. Each team member had his own role, and they worked fabulously with each other. I have never seen specialists like that work in such unison. The job was finished in the matter of a few hours, and we were able to have our event at the house after all. Thanks to the excellent team at About Floors n’ More, everything worked out.

About Floors n’ More did an exceptional job not only in doing their jobs but doing it promptly. They arrived in the two days on time, and the job they did was very quick. About Floors n’ More also deal with the installation of any floor you can think of including carpet, ceramic and porcelain tile, glass tile, hardwood, and laminate. I would definitely recommend their services to any of my friends and family, and I will definitely use them in the future for all of my personal flooring needs. No other company is comparable to About Floors n’ More when it comes to customer service, professionalism, knowledge, and punctuality.

Changing Locations

Changing Locations

It’s the job you and your friends hate the most. Moving is exhausting work that interrupts your day to day life. You never notice how much you owned until you have to pack it all, lift it, move it, unload it, and unpack it again at a new place.

As stressful as moving to a different home can be, relocating your business is even worse, and 100 times more stressful. With it comes the possibility for interruptions and the unwanted loss of consumers.

In 2003 when we were relocating to a different office, I acquired the help of a moving company called Top Notch Movers. I was afraid of losing some of the supporters of the organization from the move. I wanted to let everyone know we were relocation. There were too many people to call all of them on by one, emailing everyone wouldn’t guarantee me that everyone knew. That’s when one of the movers from Top Notch gave me an idea. To use a newsletter and a video.

I used the newsletter and the video to let all of the supporters of Reagan Youth know that the organization was on the move to a new location. I let them know where I was going to be moving to, also and when we would be prepared to get back to business again. Once the new location was up and running, we did another follow-up newsletter to notify all our supporters. It turns out that clear communication was very helpful in minimizing any disturbances.

But how can you guarantee that your existing consumers move with you and how can you go about appealing new customers to your new location? Here are six quick tips I put together from when we moved to a new location:

1. Communicate Before the Move After the Move

Used the newsletter and the video to let all of your customers know about the move. They will enjoy the video and feel more connected.

2. Update Your Online location

Search Engines are extremely smart and if your online location is not updated customers might get a no result page or the wrong address..

3. Use Location-Based Services to Appeal people passing

Promote your small business to people passing by using mobile apps that target consumers who are near your business isn’t that difficult.

4. Give Existing Customers a Reason to come visit You at Your New Location

Make sure the offer is time-bound so old consumers have a reason to check out your new location!

 5. Host an Event to Attract New and Existing Customers

Most customers are looking for a reason to love a store, so give them a reason to want to keep coming back to your business. Not only for the products but as a place to go and be stress-free.

6. Don’t Forget Customers That May Not Have Checked You Out for a While

Having special offers and other incentives is a great way get the attention  of the consumers who aren’t yet your customers.

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